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Articles by Published Poet, Ben Kopel Featured in Flood Magazine

Ben Kopel is a published poet, teacher, and music lover who also writes for Flood Magazine, an online voice that spans the cultural landscape of various art forms.

Whether Ben Kopel is writing a music review about “Corn,” the posthumous release from American cellist, Arthur Russel, who passed away in 1992, or discussing the rock legend, Patti Smith, it’s clear that Ben Kopel has a passion for music. Ben Kopel writes about rock, pop, and punk artists from all over the word. Some of the artists he has written about or reviewed for Flood Magazine include Ahoni (the artist formerly known as Antony Hegarty), the English rock band, Savages, and Majical Cloudz, the Canadian music group from Montreal. Ben Kopel has also covered the Fun Fun Fun Fest, which is a music and comedy festival held in Austin, TX. The event is the only genre-based festival in the country. It features hip-hop/electronica, indie rock, punk/metal, and comedy.

Ben Kopel says he is passionate about rock, pop, and punk music. It is these genres of music that helped to shape the poems in his book, Victory. This book of poetry contains 49 poems, which are broken down into 7 sections of 7 poems. As he worked on the book, he began to see subtle connections between some of the poems so he grouped them together. Ben Kopel says, “I tried to think of the sections as little mixtapes, while the book itself is the whole concert, JumboTron, and costume changes and acoustic sets and all.”

Along with music, Ben Kopel is heavily influenced by other poets, especially Lara Glenum and Matt Hart. Glenum is the author of four books of poetry including The Hounds of No, Maximum Gaga, Pop Corpse, and All Hopped Up On Fleshy Dumdums. Matt Hart is the author of seven books of poems, including Radiant Action, Radiant Companion, and Blue Jay Slayer. Ben Kopel says, “These hero-saints of mine have a way with not just sound and rhythm, but with volume. Glenum is as playful as she is violent, and Hart is as daily as he is extraordinary. This is the work that wakes me up.”

Besides his love for music and poetry, Ben Kopel also has a passion for youth. As a teacher, he has tried to influence high school students by teaching them English literature and creative writing. Ben Kopel’s book of poetry, Victory, came out in 2012 and is currently available on Amazon.

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