3 Tools Used by Freelance Writers, Ben Kopel Identifies

Ben Kopel Discusses Tools That Can Help Freelance Writers

Many freelance writers work without the help of professional editing and publishing teams. Their goal is to write the highest quality work possible to keep clients happy. Freelance writers who write higher quality work are often rewarded with more and higher-paying work. Ben Kopel, a freelance writer based out of Austin, Texas, discusses tools that can be used.

Ben Kopel identifies that one of the most difficult things to do is an edit. He explains that writers naturally skip over their own mistakes. Even for someone who has an English degree, it can be difficult to catch every mistake. This is why Ben Kopel recommends using Grammarly as a prevalent tool when writing.

Grammarly has been a popular tool for writers of all levels. It is used by those who are writing articles, stories, and even term papers. Ben Kopel recommends spending the money on the subscription in order to get more tools than are available with the free version. Ben Kopel has found that it provides a significant amount of insight into writing. As opposed to focusing solely on grammar, it also looks at clarity, engagement, and more.

Yoast is another tool that Ben Kopel highly recommends. Particularly for freelance writers who are focusing on search engine optimization, it provides critical information. It can identify keyword optimization, provide a readability check, and even ensure that there is no duplicate content that would confuse Google.

Ben Kopel has explained that he has learned a lot from using Yoast. As someone who doesn’t have a formal marketing background, Ben Kopel has allowed Yoast to teach him as he goes. Admittedly, he doesn’t use the tool as often as he did in the beginning. However, he explains that it is a great way to check to make sure that everything is going to be fully accepted by Google and all of the other major search engines.

Ben Kopel has been freelance writing for years. During this time, he has depended on a variety of tools. As technology continues to push the limits, some tools go away while others continuously improve.

Lightshot is another tool that Ben Kopel highly recommends, particularly for those who are doing how-to tutorials. Lightshot works best as a Chrome extension. It can be used to select an area of the screen in order to grab a screenshot. Then, there is the ability to add text, arrows, and more. It offers a quick save so that it can be uploaded with the published document.

Ben Kopel writes for a large number of clients, and he wants to have tools that allow him to be a profitable business while being able to take on a diverse client base. As such, he has gotten used to depending on tools that help him get the job done more effectively. He urges all writers to explore the tools that are out there in order to become more effective in their freelance game.

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